About Us

Superior Fabrication was founded in 1997 by Curtis Drake. The business specializes in structural and miscellaneous metal fabrication.

In January 2018 Superior Fabrication was acquired by Nix Companies, a fifth generation family owned business of Poseyville, IN. Nix Companies is a group small synergistic companies focused around industrial product sales, manufacturing, and maintenance contracting. For more information on Nix Companies visit: www.nixcompanies.com

We are located near Rockport IN just off Hwy 161 before crossing into Owensboro, KY.
1654 S County Rd 200 W
Rockport, IN 47635

Our customer base is focused around general contractors, larger fabricators, as well as heavy industrial clients. We specialize in commercial construction projects like hotels, convention centers, schools, hospitals, banks, office buildings, churches, and warehouses; as well as heavy industrial facilities like grain elevators, coal mines, power plants, refineries, and automotive plants.

Superior Fabrication has nearly 40,000 square feet of production space with two CNC beam lines; making us one of the most efficient and competitive shops in the region.

AISC Certified Fabrication

As an AISC Certified Fabricator you can be assured that Superior Fabrication has the quality control systems to ensure the highest quality fabrication on all of our projects. Our complete fabrication process adheres to the quality standards for AISC certification from employee training to the delivery of your finished product. To learn more about AISC Certification head over to www.aisc.org.